If dreamers are the people who never grow up, then here is your Land of Forever. Founded by A Day Mag, #DAYMAKERS are the ones who own their dreams, visions and eager to create. We are inspired to be the platform that makes the influencers out there shine more, to have their names known, to be the star that lights up other’s life.

Living in such an creative era, as an online media, it is our honor and duty to present the world with the #DAYMAKERS full of possibilities and potentiality, be it in lifestyle, food, beauty, fashion, design, film or travel. Let us thrive together and be the ones who dare to dream.

因為有想說的故事深信在每個角落都有著即將綻放的煙花,成立 #Daymakers 平台,我們希望能以媒體身份,為充滿潛能的創作者們編織另一個被注目的舞台 —— 舉凡生活風格、美食、美妝、時尚、設計、影音與旅遊...,任何擁有創作理念與熱情的你,都是我們在尋覓的 #Daymakers!

Featured Makers

Create Quality Contents. In thought.

  • Jrake

    #Videomaker, #F&B

    台北人在上海創業,有一半時間在旅行。 如果不能遠行,那就在家做飯。

  • Rae JJ

    #Beauty, #Makeuptutorial

    Based in Tokyo/Taiwan

  • Lady F.

    #Beauty, #Fashionhistory


  • 霧都小張

    #Novelist, #Love&Relationship

    畢業於重慶大學導演系,自媒體創作者。 記錄現代青年人的黃色痕跡故事。

  • Amanda Wang

    #Beauty, #Food&Travel #Living

    定居香港,遊歷30國,熱愛coffee hopping,探店,徒步,戶外運動。分享一切生活中的美好

  • 兩千

    #Beauty, #Makeuptutorial

    膚色自然偶爾偏白 深瞳 希望分享最讚的選品給大家 至於人生有時候雖然像苦瓜 但也要邊苦邊哈哈

  • Anita

    #Astrologist, #Love&Relationship

    Between angel and demon,between sense and sensibility ,it's me.

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    我們相信在這世界的各個角落,都有著值得被聆聽的聲音,只是少了被傳遞的管道。透過 #Daymakers 平台,我們希望以 A Day 的質感美學與品質導向為根本,為有著相似理念,且具有熱枕的內容創作者,提供一個更貼近受眾與發展的可能,一同引領讀者開啟生活的想像。 Join us and let us bloom together

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